merc & medinova in south africa

medinova MERC are a very well established clinical research group in South Africa and have 10 highly productive sites.

our sites

10 Principal Investigators with 90 years combined trial experience.

19 Sub Investigators with 98 years combined experience.

70 experienced support staff – SSCs, Lab technicians, Study nurses, Pharmacists, Data capturers, Call Centre staff, Recruitment teams and Drivers.

Over 500 completed trials in South Africa 

Study Capabilities

*Type 2 Diabetes * Type 1 Diabetes * Ulcerative Colitis *Hypercholesterolemia  *Asthma  *Psychiatric  *COPD  *Pneumonia *Constipation *CCF  * Hypertension *Oncology  *Osteoarthritis *RA  *CKD *PHN  * Neuropathy  *HIV  * Influenza Vaccines