Introducing CaTNus Training Programme

Posted on May 31, 2018
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MeDiNova MERC Training Academy introduce new CaTNus training programme

As part of MeDiNova MERC Training Academy’s commitment to develop new research physicians and nurses working at MeDiNova clinical research centres, a unique training programme of continuing professional development has been introduced. 

The programme known as “Clinical Trials in a Nutshell” (CaTNus) has been accredited by SAMA (South African Medical Association) and The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the United Kingdom and was approved in February 2018.

Explaining the CaTNus programme Managing Director of MeDiNova MERC in South Africa, Dr MS Tayob said:

“CaTNus, which is currently being piloted at Middelburg Provincial Hospital, will equip the new research physicians and nurses with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for safely and efficiently conducting the clinical trials and to practise the highest ethical standards from the very beginning of their medical research career.

“The 10 session CaTNus programme is intensive and includes a variety of teaching, learning and continuous assessment methods. This structured training programme is supplemented by pre-course reading and research and post-course assessments. 

“The guiding principles used to design the programme were that it needs to be evidence-based and developed using sound educational theory and that it embraces the core three elements; enquiry-based learning (EBL), team-based learning (TBL) and problem-based learning(PBL).”

There are several benefits that may be gained from the CaTNus programme:

  • Improving relationships and increasing the knowledge about clinical trials between the South African state sector and the clinical trials industry;
  • Building a national database of potential participants which will be invaluable for future studies;
  • Complying with South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAPHRA) requirements for sustainable, credible, effective clinical trials and empowering capacity building;
  • Creating a platform for pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial sites to increase recognition of compliance and to participate in a capacity-building exercise,
  • Developing real capacity and growing the clinical trial opportunities in South Africa to attract more work to South Africa;
  • Ultimately benefiting patients – as another treatment and disease management option becomes available to them.

Dr Tayob added:

“CaTNus is gaining increasing recognition by the pharmaceutical industry in South Africa and the Department of Health. Currently there is a planned roll out of CaTNus to other hospitals across the country. Pressure from the clinical trials industry and SAPHRA coupled with the enthusiasm for such a programme being offered free to the government sector, especially in respect of capacity building being a major requirement for sustainability, makes CaTNus a welcome and viable training programme.”

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